"OG Andre bootlegs are memes from when memes lived outside the digital realm and had a bit of mischief and mystery."
– Shepard Fairey (OBEY Giant)

Our latest project is in collaboration with Discordia Merchandising, and is a project to pay tribute to the original Andre the Giant has a Posse sticker created by Shepard Fairey in 1989.
New special edition of PEEL, PEEL has a Posse
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Bootleg Posse Sticker Pack

About Dave's Posse Tribute Sticker Designs

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We have already selected the posse tribute sticker designs to be included in the Bootleg Posse Sticker Packs, but you can still get into the PEEL has a Posse special print issue. Download one of the templates below, design your own OG Posse tribute sticker, and email it to
Photoshop .PSD file
Illustrator .AI file
Jpeg format .jpg file